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2100 West Broad Street
Elizabethtown, NC 28337
United States
NAMCO Controls
The Toughest Conditions Call for NAMCO Switches
When a situation calls for heavy-duty control switches, NAMCO switches are the answer. Our SNAP-LOCK® limit switches are renowned for exceptional quality and reliability under the harshest conditions. NAMCO was the first U.S. company to respond when non-contact electronic sensing was required in automotive assembly lines. This level of innovation and dependability has led NAMCO to be a recognized leader in high reliability electronic sensing. Even today NAMCO is the Number One global source for limit switches use in nuclear power plants qualified the meet NRC requirements.

Namco – For Innovation and Integrity, Choose Namco
Founded in 1937 when the heavy industrial control sensor industry was still in its infancy, Namco Controls has been the leader that other manufacturers seek to emulate ever since. Beginning with the introduction of the SNAP-LOCK® limit switch, the Namco name has been synonymous with rugged reliability under even the most challenging conditions. Today, we are still the Number One source for limit switches for use in Nuclear Power Plants qualified to NRC requirements, with installations around the world.

Part of what makes Namco a unique leader in the industry is our history of innovating and creating new solutions when nothing on the market is suitable for an emerging application. When non-contact electronic sensing was required in automotive assembly lines, Namco was the first US Company to respond. We patented internal short circuit protection for 2-wire sensors and developed the first weld field immune (WFI) sensors to survive resistance welder applications, solidifying our reputation as a leader in high reliability electronic sensing. And because we understand the importance of reliability to our customers, we introduced the industry’s first Lifetime Replacement Program for electronic sensors in 1987.

Namco has its headquarters in Elizabethtown, NC. Manufacturing is also carried out in Elizabethtown, NC. 

Specially Designed for Challenging Environments
Namco Controls’ products are used in some of the most hazardous and challenging applications in the world. When you’re dealing with regulating and monitoring the function of a nuclear application, there can be no room for error.

That’s why Namco’s product engineers work harder than most. Because they have to. Our wide array of controls, sensors and limit switches are put to the test daily in brutal conditions world wide. And the industry has responded by recognizing us as being the Number One manufacturer of limit switches qualified to NRC requirements for us in nuclear facilities in the US.

The Most Dependable Switches for the Most Challenging Conditions
Trusted to perform in some of the most extreme environments on the planet, NAMCO products are built to last. A major manufacturer for the nuclear power industry with a long history of innovation, we make products you can count on for when failure is not an option. Our comprehensive line of limit switches, proximity sensors, solenoids and other industrial controls offer the unparalleled performance you’ve come to expect from the NAMCO brand, and guarantee you can continue to count on us to continue to deliver the highest quality products in the business.

NAMCO is ready to serve! How may we assist?
When you’re a NAMCO customer, you can expect a long-term commitment that lasts far beyond the initial sale. Our skilled and dedicated Customer Service Representatives are on-hand to assist you with any question you may have about any of our products, their operation, installation or functioning, or to develop a customized solution for your application. 

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NAMCO Controls | 2100 West Broad Street Elizabethtown, NC 28337 United States | 800x-476x-6952
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