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3320 Parkway Dr
Temple, TX 76504
Centrifugal Castings, Inc.

Centrifugal Castings, Inc., an employee owned company, has provided competitively priced, high quality centrifugal castings and machining services to our customers since 1974. We are located in the industrial park in Temple, Texas, one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. Our locale allows easy access to air, rail, water and motor freight transportation.

We boast proven management techniques, up-to-date manufacturing methods, and technology in the production of high quality centrifugal castings.

Numbered among our customers are some of the largest and most sophisticated companies in the country. Our satisfied customers are often our best salesmen because they enthusiastically recognize the benefits of high quality combined with dependable customer service. Whatever your requirements in stainless, nickel based alloys, steels or special alloy centrifugal castings, from the simplest to the most exacting specifications, a CCI sales representative will be happy to discuss any needs you may have.

Improved Physical Properties
  • Formed under pressures many times that of gravity combined with directional solidification, two unique characteristics of the centrifugal casting process, parts made from centrifugals exhibit a denser, closer grained structure with vastly improved physical properties. Because of high structural uniformity, physical properties such as tensile strength, yield strength, elongation, reduction of area, and other desirable properties are improved by up to 30% over conventional gravity or static casting methods.

Longer Life
  • Parts made from centrifugals, with the castings’ finer grained, denser structure provide increased service life and withstand greater overloads and impact without fracturing

Quality Management System

Centrifugal Castings, Inc. is committed to continual improvement through the use of our quality management system. CCI's quality management system is ISO 9001:2000 registered.

    Download a copy of our certifications here.

At CCI, we have built our reputation on quality. It is fundamental that a business enterprise exists only because of its satisfied customers. The reputation of CCI, reflected in the dedication of our people and our expanding list of customers, has been built by consistently producing castings to their exact specifications.

In combination with our experienced, dedicated staff, control of quality is accomplished by using the most modern and exacting laboratory equipment available.

Before a heat of metal is poured it must first pass a rigid quality inspection. A test sample or "button” is taken from the heat before it is poured. A modern optical emission spectrometer is used to perform a complete chemical analysis. The chemical analysis is part of the step-by-step quality check routine to insure that each casting meets our customer's specifications. Each "button” is tagged, cross-referenced and retained for future reference.

Alloys Poured:
  • Stainless Steel (all grades)
  • Nickel: Monel®, Inconel®, Incoloy®, Hastelloy®, 17-4PH, Niresist, Nitronics®
  • Cobalt Base Materials
  • Carbon and Low Alloy Steels

Other special alloys available upon request!

Modern Foundry Operations

CCI is committed to customer satisfaction. A modernization of the foundry operations was recently implemented utilizing the latest in induction melting technology, infrared pyrometry, digital weighing, and variable frequency spinner drives. This committment to continual improvement has resulted in reduced costs and lead times for our customers.

CCI maintains an extensive inventory of molds thereby eliminating the need for our customers to purchase, store, maintain and insure patterns.

Heat Treating and Saw Cutting

In-house heat treating cuts down on lead time and assures that customers' heat treatment specifications are met. Our heat treat ovens are maintained and calibrated to +/- 25 F and are capable of reaching temperatures up to 2300º F.

Abrasive disc saw cutting provides a much straighter, smoother cut than traditional band or blade saw blades.

Precision Machining

Our machine shop has a complete and expanding machine tool line-up available for precision turning, boring, milling and honing of centrifugal castings to customer specifications. The total machining capability has been carefully planned to enable us to meet customers’ machining requirements and production schedules.

More important than machines is the skill and craftsmanship of those who operate them. Our employees are dedicated to quality workmanship. Their pride of workmanship is evidenced throughout the machining process. Each casting is inspected upon arrival from the foundry, at the completion of each machining operation and before shipment to the customer. Careful inspection and quality control assures that each piece conforms to exact customer specifications.

Visit our website: www.centrifugal.net/
Centrifugal Castings, Inc. | 3320 Parkway Dr Temple, TX 76504 | 800x-999x-9068
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