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106 Enterprise Dr.
Bristol, CT 06010
United States
Rostra Vernatherm

Rostra Vernatherm
manufactures thermally activated controls for various markets; aerospace being their largest industry served. Vernatherm is based out of Bristol, CT USA (Home of ESPN) and prides itself on being a US manufacturer. Their products are engineered, machined, and assembled in their own 30,000 square foot facility, neighboring OTIS Elevator in one of Bristol's "technology parks". Rostra Vernatherm has a long history that spans over 70 years in manufacturing thermal actuators, and thermostats which originated from Scovill in Waterbury, CT the "Brass City". Vernatherm has grown considerably since their Scovill days in Waterbury, and now offers a wide range of thermal products, and machined aerospace manifolds serving a vast list of industries.


Wax Motors - Thermal ActuatorsValves - Temperature & Pressure

linear wax motors

control valve

A class of linear actuator that extends a piston based upon temperature.

Thermostatic valves divert flow based upon specific set temperature ranges.

Manifolds - CNC MachinedThermal Switches - Thermo-Mechanical


solar freeze protection

Valve manifolds are CNC machined and custom designed for your system.

Bimetallic thermal switches turn/off electrical circuits based on setting.

Vernatherm is an ISO9001 and AS9100 certified manufacturer.
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Rostra Vernatherm | 106 Enterprise Dr. Bristol, CT 06010 United States | 860x-582x-6776
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