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9201 East Bloomington Freeway
Bloomington, Minn 55420
United States
Water Technology Resources
WTR Maintains an inventory of approximately (600) valves ranging in size from 2"—12" in its Minneapolis warehouse. WTR's Marketing Plan is to establish a network of Stocking Distributors in the (30) largest market areas in the U.S.

WTR's first product was a Ball Check Valve. WTR recognized there were ways to improve the design and performance of the Ball Check Valves available in the market place.

A redesign of the Ball Check Valve occurred and manufacturing and sale of an improved design began in 2003. These valves are applied primarily for applications involving sludges, grit and raw wastewater services in which Ball Check Valves have advantages over conventional 90° swing check valves.

Our Products:

A Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB), and is a manufacturer of a wide variety of high quality Valves (since 2003), for Municipal (AWWA), Industrial (API), and Commercial (ASME/ASTM) Markets.

Featuring the most advanced design of Ball Check Valves in the market.


Check Valves:
  • Ball
  • Ball Check
  • 45° Flex Disc
  • 55° Flex Disc
  • 55° Tilt Disc
  • 90° Swing
  • Air/Oil Cylinder Operated
  • Duck Bill
  • Single/Dual Disc
  • Silent Globe
  • Plunger
  • Dual Disc
  • Globe Style/Silent
Gate Valves – C509/C515/C500
  • C509/C515 - Resilient
  • C515
  • C500 - Solid Wedge
  • C500 - Double Disc
  • Resilient Wedge
  • Metal Seated
Knife Gate Valves
  • Resilient and Metal Seated
Plug Valves – C517
  • Lubricated
  • Stainless Steel
  • Non-Lubricated
  • Round Plug Design
  • Rectangular Plug Design
Butterfly Valves
  • Rubber Seated
  • Metal Seated
  • High Performance
  • Double/Triple Offset
  • Flanged/MJ/Wafer/Lug
  • Centerline/Double/Triple Eccentric
  • Electric – Pneumatic – Hydraulic
  • Rubber Lined
Flow Control
  • Piston Design
Pressure Reducing/Control

Air Vent/Air Relief

Visit our website: www.wtrvalves.com/
Water Technology Resources | 9201 East Bloomington Freeway Bloomington, Minn 55420 United States | 952x-641x-9004
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