All-Pro Fasteners, Inc.

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1916 Peyco Drive North
Arlington, TX 76001
All-Pro Fasteners, Inc.

All-Pro Fasteners is a ISO 9001-2015 certified domestic manufacturer and a full-line stocking distributor with strategic direct mill sourcing of fastener and fastener related components to our customers throughout the United States and Internationally. All-Pro Fasteners combines a range of products and services to meet the needs of the oil and gas industry, whether for upstream, midstream or downstream operations. As the reliable, single-source supplier that supports oil and gas and petrochemical companies worldwide, All-Pro delivers the highest quality parts on time, every time. From shale fields to offshore rigs, we know what it takes to make sure valves, pipelines and processing plants are secured with trusted industry solutions that meet the consensus standards utilized worldwide.

All-Pro Fasteners manufacturing division produces a wide variety of standard and specialty fasteners that are used throughout valve manufacturing and repair industry . We can manufacture to most ASTM and customer specifications in metric and standard measurements. Our stringent quality controls assure our customers that they will always receive a quality product.

Our on-site manufacturing, All-Pro Threaded Products™ is ISO 9001, API Q1. They also hold the America Petroleum Institute API 20F-002 and API 20E-0016 Monogram Licenses to manufacture API 20E BSL-1, BSL-2, BSL-3 bolting. Having these certifications gives our customers confidence in their critical application and safety related fasteners. That confidence, along with our ability to turn critical quality parts in a timely manner, means they can count on us for all specially manufactured parts, forged or machined. APF’s wide range of standard, per-print custom, and nonstandard products (imperial or metric) are all built to exact specifications.

Onsite Equipment

  • Hot Forge Presses and Upsetters
  • Rolled and Cut Threading Machines
  • CNC Lathes & Mills
  • Benders
  • Multi-Spindle Screw Machines

The All-Pro in-house testing facility is A2LA accredited and certified to the new requirements of ISO Guide 25, known as ISO/IEC 17025. APF's integrated supply group can provide a custom inventory management solution to fit any customer's requirements in order to efficiently eliminate production down-time, lower product costs, and reduce in-house inventory.

• Strategic Sourcing
• Kitting
• Distribution
• Quality Testing
• Manufacturing
• Custom Shipping
•12-Pt Counterbore Screws
•Heavy Hex Bolts
•Flange Bolts
•Full-Thread Studs
•Double-End Studs
•Tap-End Studs
•Spiral Wound Gaskets
•Full Face Gaskets
•Ring Gaskets
•Bolt Sets
•Machined Manufactured Specials
•Milled Manufactured Specials
•Forged Manufactured Specials

Visit our website:
All-Pro Fasteners, Inc. | 1916 Peyco Drive North Arlington, TX 76001 USA | 800x-361x-6627
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