AMERICAN Cast Iron Pipe

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1501 31st Ave. North
Birmingham, AL 35207
United States
AMERICAN Cast Iron Pipe

AMERICAN Cast Iron Pipe Company, founded in Birmingham, Ala., in 1905, is a manufacturer of ductile iron pipe, spiral-welded steel pipe, fire hydrants and valves for the waterworks industry, and electric-resistance-welded steel pipe for the oil and gas industry. AMERICAN’s diversified product line also includes static castings and high-performance fire pumps.

The Birmingham plant, home to AMERICAN’s ductile iron and steel pipe production, is located on a 2,000-acre site with more than 60 acres under roof, is home to one of the world’s largest cupolas. AMERICAN’s iconic American-Darling and Waterous brands of fire hydrants, are produced at facilities in Beaumont, Texas and South St. Paul, Minn.

AMERICAN employs approximately 2,600 people – about 1,600 at its headquarters plant and offices in Birmingham, and about 1,000 at its subsidiary plants:

American Castings, LLC, Pryor Creek, Okla.; American SpiralWeld Pipe Company, LLC, Columbia, S.C.; American Valve & Hydrant Manufacturing Company, Beaumont, Texas; Intercast SA, Itauna, Brazil; Specification Rubber Products Inc., Alabaster, Ala.; and Waterous Company, South Saint Paul, Minn.

A pioneer in human relations, AMERICAN is committed to the well-being of its workforce. Employees enjoy excellent benefits, including profit sharing, apprentice training in crafts and trades, onsite personal and professional development, and a model wellness progr

Industries Served

Water & Wastewater
Fire Protection
Oil & Gas

Product InnovationsManufacturing
Mining & Dredging

We Don't Tolerate Flaws. Of the product or character type.

When you buy from AMERICAN, you can rest assured you're getting the best. Our people and products are second to none. And nobody can attest to the quality of both better than our customers. 

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AMERICAN Cast Iron Pipe | 1501 31st Ave. North Birmingham, AL 35207 United States | 205x-325x-7957
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