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140 Parker Court
Chardon, OH 44024
United States
EGC Enterprises Inc.
EGC High Technology Fluid Sealing

High technology fluid sealing is Thermafoil® / Grafoil® flexible graphite.

It's the only material we use in our designs. And, its exclusive use has made our engineering expertise the most sought after in the industry. We serve the world's technology companies in aerospace, automotive, petroleum, refining, drilling and chemical processing.

And, we've earned our reputation as the quality and performance leader. From laminated, die cut rings to tiny molded ferrules with an I.D. as small as .3 mm, you can depend on 100% zero-leak performance 100% of the time.

Commitment to Engineering

Because the performance of any gasket is dependent on the gasket material and configuration, EGC views proper design as a critical function of the manufacturing process. EGC's 15 plus years of engineering experience, product testing, and extensive knowledge of flexible graphite and a variety of composite materials, both rare and common, is your assurance of the proper gasket for each individual application.

Prototype Accessibility

At EGC, superior performance doesn't only apply to the seals, packings and gaskets used in a particular application, but to the corporation as a whole. For this reason, EGC has simplified accessibility to engineering samples. Our prototype production staff will help reduce turnaround time, and improve client communication. And, because we employ our own in-house tool and die operation, we can also help put a lid on the often expensive cost of producing an engineering sample.


Each stage of design and production, from the initial engineering sketches, through diemaking, prototyping, testing and certification for manufacturing, is carefully scrutinized and monitored to exacting tolerances. Our strict quality control is your assurance of precision, performance andreliability.

Quality Control

EGC Enterprises is committed to eliminating the causes in process variations and produce only products that conform to our customer's required specifications. It will be achieved by adopting a continuous improvement program with the full support of management. Increased emphasis will be placed on being more responsive to our customer's needs and employees. By providing our employees with the quality tools and training, we will retain our competitive advantage. We will make our products right the first time, every time.

Visit our website:
EGC Enterprises Inc. | 140 Parker Court Chardon, OH 44024 United States | 440x-285x-5835
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