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50 Napoleon CT
Somerset, NJ 08873
United States
Cavagna North America Inc

The Cavagna Group, founded in 1949, is a world leading manufacturer of Equipment and fittings for Compressed Gases, Gas Storage and Control.

The Group relies on nine vertically integrated production units in Italy and nine other spread on the five continents. Thanks to a distribution network of an additional fifteen commercial business units, the Group deals with more than 140 countries worldwide. Our experience and the reliability of our products have lead long lasting cooperation with virtually all major Oil Companies, producers of compressed gases containers and gas appliance OEMs. Cavagna Group products are acknowledged by most recognized national and international standard agencies. Each division of the group is specialized in a in a specific market segment.”


Manufacturing Units

Worldwide Network

The Group is structured in six Divisions:

LPG Valves and Tank Equipment:

The Division designs and manufactures LPG valves for different kinds of applications.

In addition, it makes LPG filling heads and refrigerant gas valves.

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LPG Regulators:

The Division specializes in the design and manufacture of a wide range of LPG regulators for different kinds of applications.

Furthermore, it makes various accessories for regulators, including fittings, changeovers, adapters and connectors.

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High Pressure Equipment:

The Division designs, manufactures and distributes a wide range of valves and regulators for different types of high-pressure gas applications worldwide.

Furthermore, we make fittings, connectors and manifolds that can be used with all kinds of compressed gas.

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Natural Gas and Metering:

The Division specializes in the design and manufacture of regulators and smart meters for natural gas.

It offers a wide range of regulators, according to market demand, for various types of applications.

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Alternative Fuel Systems:

The Division follows the continuous development of the use of LPG and natural gas as alternative fuels.

Thanks to the experience gained in the field of compressed gases, it specializes in designing and manufacturing complete engine conversion kits for the use of alternative fuels.

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Engineering and Services:

The Division specializes in the design, engineering, construction and manufacture of turnkey industrial units.

It offers suitable global customized solutions for every kind of need.

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High pressure equipment

LPG CNG Valves & Equipment

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LPG & Natural Gas Regulators

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Cavagna North America Inc | 50 Napoleon CT Somerset, NJ 08873 United States | 732x-469x-2100
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