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3000 E. 14th Ave.
Columbus, OH 43219
United States
FCX Performance

FCX Performance is a leading provider of process flow control products for a wide range of industrial and high purity applications. Quite simply, our philosophy is to provide the widest product range, supported to the highest technical standards.

Because of our product range, we are a single source for all of your process flow control product and service needs. We can source, stock, manage and deliver anything from a single valve to a fully integrated process flow control package.

We also understand the need for our customers to have the confidence that the products they require are readily available - at the right time and place. We carry over 12,000 SKUs of stock, valued at over $20 million that are strategically located at 6 Customer Service Centers. FCX offers next-day shipment on most stock items.

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Visit our website: www.fcxperformance.com/
FCX Performance | 3000 E. 14th Ave. Columbus, OH 43219 United States | 614x-253x-1996
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