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215 Salem Street
Suite K
Woburn, MA 01801
United States
Conant Controls, Inc.

Established in 1856, Conant Controls has built its reputation on manufacturing and design excellence and product reliability. Conant Controls has designed its complete line of Precision Selector Valves, Stack Valves, and Control Vent Valves to offer the systems' designer a truly dependable valve of the highest quality which has been manufactured to rigid specifications in order to provide long life and trouble-free operation. The choice of valve materials, porting arrangements, and sizes enables the selection of the most appropriate valve for the most efficient system design. Each valve is air-tested under water before shipment to guarantee product reliability

Products to Match Your Applications
Conant Controls Valves can be used in a wide variety of applications, including Instrumentation, Research and Development, Pilot and Process Sampling, Gas Chromatography, Complex Fluid Transfer Circuitry, Remote Control and Positioning, and Switching and Transfer Systems. Many years in the field have proven that Conant Controls Precision Selector Valves have been able to withstand demanding applications under a wide range of pressure, temperature, and corrosive condition
Commitment to 100% Customer Satisfaction 
Conant welcomes the opportunity to work with design engineers in developing products that are not covered in this standard catalog line.

If you have a question on your application or you are not sure which valve is appropriate for your application:

  • Call our technical support department at 1-800-401-4647, or
  • Fax your application to 1-781-395-7247, Attn: Patrick Hollis, or
  • Complete our Quick Information Form.

Custom Designed Selector Valves

Selector Valves


Valve Actuation

Available Valve Flow Paths

Industries Served

Conant Control Valves can be found in a Variety of Applications
Utilizing a wide vaiety of materials, porting arrangements and sizes, Conant Control valves provide you the ability to select the most efficient and appropriate valve, whatever your requirements may be.  Conant Controls Precision Selector Valves have a long history of being able to withstand demanding applications under a wide range of pressure, temperature, and corrosive conditions. 
If you require assistance in selecting the right selector valve for your application, please call Conant Controls at 800-401-4647.

Applications include:

Research and Development
Pilot and Process Sampling
Gas Chromatography
Complex Fluid Transfer Circuitry
Remote Control and Positioning
Switching and Transfer Systems


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Conant Controls, Inc. | 215 Salem Street Suite K Woburn, MA 01801 United States | 781x-395x-2240
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