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255 E 2nd St
Mineola, NY 11501
United States
Allenair Corporation

Leading The Fluid Power Industry Since 1947.
The Allenair Corporation is the leading manufacturer for index tables, air cylinders, valves and pumps, as well as, accessories and special order needs.  Allenair is located in Nassau County, Long Island and services the entire United States and is a leading distributor overseas as well.  Our products are built to meet the ever increasing demand for automation and our customer service is our number one product.  The combination of quality products and outstanding customer service only allows for superior products and excellent service.

We offer a quality product line that can only be viewed as superior.  The Allenair catalog can meet any need and is easily interchangeable through the industry standard.  If you are seeking air cylinders, valves, pumps, accessories or custom order pieces we can help.  Our customer service representatives are standing by and are ready to help.

Please Browse Through Our Website To See Our Full Line of Products.

Allenair carries Air Cylinders of all types, we have hydraulic cylinders, air cylinders, standard cylinders, small bore cylinders, Cyl-Checks, Air Clamps, Small Bore SS Cylinders, Position Feedback Cylinders and many others. Click the links to find the correct cylinder that you are looking for.  A copy of our cylinder catalog can be downloaded below.

Click to View/Download PDF For Cylinders
Click to View/Download PDF For O-Ring Kits

Allenair Explosion Proof Valves
Allenair carries Valves of all types, sizes and component types.  Allenair has 4 Way 1/4 ,3/8 & 1/2 NPT valves, 2 Way, 3 Way Solenoid 1/8 & 1/4 NPT valves, 4 Way Direct Acting 1/8 NPT valves, Time-A-Valve, Switches, 1/8 NPT Poppet valves. Click the links to select the value you are looking for.

Linear Pump / Dispensers

Allenair Manufactures Dispensing & Transfer Pumps
Allenair carries linear pumps and dispensers, we have drum pumps, PUMP applications, drive cylinder valve options, drive cylinder drive options Evip, adjustable stroke, drive cylinder valve descriptions, Model APSRR,  / VAPSRT & VARR / VSAT & AP / VAPT, Model VCR & VH / VHT & VHSRR / VHSRT, pump accessories, reed switches (MODELS R01 THRU R04), dimensions EVTP, dimensions EVTP "SA”, ordering procedure, miscellaneous pump info, general properties of Allenair’s seals materials and typical pump circuits.

Click Here to View/Download PDF for Linear Pump/Dispensers

Index Tables

Allenair carries Index Table. We have descriptions and specifications, principle of operation, standard index table, size and capacity, size and capacity, model 725 clockwise rotation, model 725 counterclockwise rotation, Models 11- E, 11- EF &11- F clockwise rotation, Models 11- E counterclockwise rotation.

Click Here to View/Download PDF for Index Tables

Click Here for Accessories

Visit our website:
Allenair Corporation | 255 E 2nd St Mineola, NY 11501 United States | 516x-747x-5450
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